Best Costa Rican Coffee Review

Have you ever thought of how the world would be like if we didn’t have it? How would most people start their day? Would we have to make do with only? Maybe we wouldn’t even miss it as someone once said, “you can’t miss what you didn’t have.” But now that it is here with us, we have to take every moment to enjoy it.

There are so many places globally, but Costa Rican is famous for its unique flavor and taste. The best Costa Rican has a unique flavor and taste that you can’t easily find elsewhere in the world. A lot goes into growing in Costa Rica, making it arguably among the world’s best. Now various types originating from Costa Rica. We have outlined here what makes them the best. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s start with the best Costa Rican.

1. Green Costa Rica Paraiso

Green pride itself on sourcing its sustainably from improved lands deep in the mountains of Costa Rica The Green has a rich taste that lets you experience the best of Costa Rican . That’s because it’s a medium roast that contains a perfect blend of cocoa, graham cracker, and caramel. The combined elements give them a sweet flavor that enables your tastebuds to enjoy an exotic escape fully.

It is pure (100%) Arabica, which is usually the highest quality available. What is further proof of this is among the best is the certification by Orthodox Union Kosher. We know there recently have been too many certifications. However, the Orthodox Union Kosher is a trusted certifier. This has authentic Keurig K- pods that guarantee quality and compatibility with Keurig manufacturers. It comes in 30
flavors made with care for a smoother of.


  • Smooth tasting and sweet
  • It has a sweet aroma, especially when brewing
  • Medium roast with an exotic sweet taste


  • At times the boxes come with defective cups
  • At times there are grounds in the final

2. Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica

The Gevalia special reserve is a dark roast Costa Rican with a blend of citrus notes and medium acidity. The acidity, however, doesn’t give it a bitter taste. That’s because it’s a rich and coarse single ground. Gevalia sources their exclusively from Costa Rican in the highlands, where the beast grows. It is also certified by the Rain Alliance because it is only of the best quality. Costa Rica produces the best quality of Arabica.

The grows in the rainforest areas of Costa Rica. When you buy the Gevalia exceptional reserve, you will get 30 premium coffees. You can preserve this costa rican’s flavor using a foldable bag that you onto the box’s top. This protects them from losing its flavor into the air once you open and start using a portion of it. What makes this costa rican worth trying out is because you can find the perfect sip thanks to the various varieties that come packed within. You can find the most intense dark roast and even an exotic variant of the.


  • It makes the best cold brew
  • It is ground fine to give the smoothest taste
  • The single roast makes it have a pleasant aroma


  • The ground might be too fine for some people

3. Green Roasters Costa Rica

Paraiso, Medium Roast Ground There s no doubt that Green has some of the best you can find. This is another collection of medium ground that will have you enjoying the rich flavor and taste of Costa Rican . It is certified by Orthodox Union Kosher as one of the best coffees out there. That’s because the beans are from the best rainforest lands in Costa Rica. The also grows in the best conditions with high-class farming. It contains rich caramel and cocoa taste with undertones of exotic fruit sweetness.

You can enjoy a sweet of this strong caffeinated from the comfort of your instead of having to go out for . The flavor is no only of the highest quality but also rich with the aroma of authenticity. You won’t regret purchasing this, and you can prepare it in your Keurig K-, which helps conserve the environment. The light roasting makes it have a crisp, smooth taste that is sure to intrigue your taste buds. That will impress you if you don’t like beyond medium roast and will get rid of the burnt taste in your


  • High-end with great taste
  • Certified high-quality
  • It is a good value for your money
  • Caffeinated, which makes it best even for
    drinkers looking for a caffeine boost


  • You have to be wary of the ’s expiry date

4. 96-count Costa Rica Tarrazu Revival Roaster

Gourmet Roasted Revival gives you a taste of convenience and flavor all in one to your drinking ideals. This costa rican has a sweet taste because of the perfect roast and the quality of beans used. They grind high-quality beans while still fresh to retain the fresh taste and a sweet aroma in the end product. This is also compatible with the latest Keurig machines. Revival grinds and roasts at the best temperatures to not remove the rich test.

A trained roasts the under the best conditions to produce only the best. One box of the Revival has 96 well-roasted pods of.You get more richness and flavor with each . That’s because they pack the just soon after it’s left to degas after roasting. The Revival freshness plays a significant role in why it one of the best. They roast the in minimal batches to remain with too many batches that might run the risk of becoming stale.


  • Fresh tasting and rich
  • You get ten blends in the 96- box
  • It has various varieties of roasting from medium
    to very dark


  • At times there might be grounds in the
    end product

5. Costa Rican , Reserve Tarrazu

This Reserve Tarrazu is a dark and bold roast that has excellent acidity that enables it to give you the best serving. The is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil to produce only the best. When grows at high altitudes, the beans ripen slowly, giving a rich tasting . The flavor also improves with the cherries ripening more slowly. It enables the roasting to extract the best taste from the. Revivals is certified by the Rain Alliance that ensures workers are well taken care of.

It also ensures the farmers adhere to the highest quality standards for 100% Arabica production.
The beans are darkly roasted, which allows them to have a remarkable taste. They are also freshly burned in amounts sufficient enough not to risk staleness from long periods of storage. It is a common opinion that from Costa Rica’s Tarrazu region is one of the best. The area produces with a light, clean flavor that will have you hooked. With the roasting by Volcanica, you are sure to get well-balanced .


  • Its dark roasted medium gives it a unique flavor
  • Certified by the Rain Alliance
  • beans ripen slowly for sweet-tasting


  • It is somewhat expensive

6. Copper Moon Costa Rican Blend

Copper Moon have their own global sourcing program that ensures they get the best while benefitting the farmers. They look for small family-owned farms and buy the beans from them, which booststhe company’s social impact. After sourcing, premium grade is handcrafted before roasting to bring out the best flavor and aroma. The result is sweet that will have you hooked to it in no time.

The beans used are drawn from different countries from 5 continents to ensure you get the best variety. The beans are roasted in a single batch to produce finely roasted . If you prefer to grind your at home to retain that freshness, then this is the you need. It is a premium blend of medium roast and delicious . It is also free of any allergens and is certified by Kosher for quality.


  • Kosher certified for quality
  • Free of allergens
  • Has various blends
  • Single batch roasting produces finely roasted


  • It is much too dark

7. Bean Direct Costa Rican

Bean Direct has been in the business for some time now. Their is a well-balanced brew that has a tinge of lemon and tarts. Its light roasted produces a sweet of with fruity undertones. Bean sources its from Costa Rica, Kenya,
Brazil, and Kona. They choose only the best for further processing. You are, therefore, sure you will get quality in your . The beans are flavorful, and you can choose to prepare them in whatever way you want—craving some iced ? Why not try this ? Want some press or pour over?

This got you. You will also love this because you will have a range of options to choose from. You can select among decaf, single-origin, or blends. That’s because Bean Direct has various product lines to boost the number of choices available to you. You’ll enjoy more than just a caffeine jolt with this. The is expertly roasted to a perfect blend to ensure you enjoy peak. The bean is dedicated to giving you the best at fair prices. If you want to experience artisanal flavors of , try their. You won’t regret it.


  • Their different product lines give the consumer lots of options to choose from
  • Expertly roasted available in various degrees of roasting
  • They source the beans from the best producing places in the world


  • It has a coconut aroma that might be undesirable
    for some people

8. Fresh Roasted LLC, Costa Rican Tarrazu

This single-origin from the Costa Rican region of Tarrazu has an intense flavor with honey and chocolate undertones. It is medium roasted. It is a medium roast but still retains the taste for a satisfying of. You can get two varietals with this costa rican , but Cattura and actual are the more common. They are grown at specific altitudes that make them produce the best beans for superior taste . They roast the beans in an environment-friendly roaster
that aims to produce the best and conserve the environment. What makes this be among the best is the excellent
care that goes into the beans’ growth and selection. The farmers also get the proceeds for the product, which motivates them to give the best. This is 100% arabica and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives. That is why you should consider it.


  • beans selected with significant care
  • doesn’t have any additives or
  • Proper storage of the beans for a premium


  • It tends to go stale if you it badly

9. Café Britt Costa Rican

Café Britt is famous for its flavor thanks to the even roasting of the beans, giving the a unique taste. The beans are selected and roasted dark. When they are roasted dark, the beans give a rich oil that rises to the beans’ surface. The oil is what adds the flavor you will love to the dark roasted beans.

This costa rican has a fantastic body thanks to the mellow flavor from the beans’ careful roasting. The roasting also makes the have a noticeable chocolaty aroma. The typical dark roast of this has the taste of Costa Rican all over it. That makes it a desirable option for many a


  • It has the crispy taste of Costa Rican
  • It is a sweet blend of dark roast
  • The dark roast lowers the caffeine level if you
    love a low caffeine


  • If you need a caffeine jolt, you won’t get it
    with this one since the dark roast lowers the caffeine content

10. Barbarossa Costa Rican

Barbarossa is an award-winning processor. With this Costa Rican blend of sweet-flavored, they offer you one of the best costa rican. The is a honey processed bean with fruity undertones. It is made with natural 100% quality arabica grown in the mountains and rain of Coast Rica.

The brewing is topnotch and gives a mild acidity that doesn’t tamper with the overall flavor. The ‘s mild acidity makes it possible to brew it with the different press, pour-over, and espresso makers. You won’t be limited while preparing this . You can customize yourself to the blend you want and take some home with you. Every sip is as perfect as it gets since they roast thebeans to perfection.


  • You can brew it with any style
  • It has a mild acidity that doesn’t interfere
    with the taste
  • It has impeccable taste thanks to perfect


  • It is quite expensive

Buying Guide

Before you buy anything, you need to consider a few things to make the best choice. What, therefore, should you consider before purchasing the best Costa Rican ?

1. Type of Roast

How do you love your ? Light, dark or medium roast? Before you buy any , you should this and see whether it works for you.

2.Caffeine Content

Most people because they love the jolt they get from caffeine. However, not everyone loves caffeine in their . If you’re such a person, you can go dark roast because it has lower caffeine content.

3. Certification

In the food industry, it is common to see quality assurance companies give certifications to food processors. That is the same for , where several associations do a quality before certifying it. You have to consider whether the is certified or not.

4. Flavor Notes

processors usually add a few flavors to the to make it sweeter. You have to consider the taste the you are buying has
got so as not to end up with a of you don’t like.

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of the Best Costa Rican helps you choose the right type for you. is an essential , and you deserve nothing but the best . Therefore, make the right choice. All the best.